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Retailer Consultation Services

Staff Training

In store staff training on selling Lapidary Art, Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and Pearls. Can be set up as multiple sessions being geared to your store's specific needs.

Client Lecture Series

In store or offsite lectures for your clients
How To Buy A Diamond
Lapidary Art: When A Gemstone Is Not Just A Gemstone
Buying Colored Gemstones: What You Need To Know
Choosing The Perfect Pearls
Is Your Jewelry At Risk? The Consumers Guide To Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

Appraisal Department

Sets up your store for proper appraisal services, includes:
    Document Set Up
    Appraisal Support

Buying Services

Put over 20 years of expert experience in buying and price negotiation of colored gemstones, lapidary art, diamonds, pearls, and jewelry to work for you

Expert Witness & Advisory Services

In need of an appraisal expert to assist with a litigation or potential litigation situation

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