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Object Identification & Description Report

• All reports are hard laminated (Tamperproof)

• Objects Of Art

• Gem Art & Custom Jewelry Pieces

• Opaque & Transparent Gemstone Materials

• All Construction Material Types

• Strict & accurate grading standards

• Fast turn around times


Systems Used:


    Clarity: GIA (Modified)

    Color: GemDialogue

    Cut Grade: 1 - 10 scale


    Clarity: GIA (No SI3 grades)

    Color: GIA

    Fancy Color: GemDialogue

    Proportions: AGS


    Alpha Numeric & Alpha


    Report Data Includes:

• Serial Number (When applicable)

• Title (When applicable)

• Full narrative descriptions

• Full measurements

• Quality Rating

• Artist or Lapidary's Name (When Applicable)

• Artist's Logo (When Applicable)

• Award Information (e.g. 1st Place AGTA Cutting Edge)

• Color Photographs

Click on thumbnails below to view report samples

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