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Consumer Consultation Services

Appraisal Review

Is your appraisal properly executed? Does it contain all necessary information to properly protect you? An appraisal review is the way to find out.

Expert Witness

All types of situations handled.

Looking For Lapidary Art

Seeking out a rare one of a kind piece of gem art? Let our experience as the worlds first and only gem art laboratory help advise you and get you to the most talented artists the world has ever seen.

Looking To Sell Your Jewelry Items

We advise you on the best markets for you to dispose of your items, giving you a disinterested 3rd party opinion.

Misrepresentation & Fraud

Are you entering a dispute or litigation situation due to product misrepresentation, breach of warranty, or fraud? Are you in need of an expert? We can help.

Insurance Claim Assessment

Have you suffered a casualty resulting in an insurance claim? Have your claim assessed by those who teach for the insurance industry and know how to handle it properly.

Indemnification Verification

Did you have a jewelry item replaced due to an insurance claim? Was the replacement handled by an insurance company source and you want a 3rd party opinion that the replacement is true indemnification.

Comparison For Purchase

Are you considering the purchase of a jewelry item and want to verify that all is as it should be?

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