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Appraisal Services

      Full narrative reports to properly protect your prized possessions.

Comparison For Purchase:
      Are you contemplating the purchase of a jewelry item or gemstone? This type of appraisal gives you all of the necessary data to properly analyze your purchasing decision.

Indemnification Verification:
      Verifies if jewelry items are a true indemnification for the lost or damaged items.

Quality Assessment:
      If you need to know if what you have purchased or just own is of the quality it was represented to be than this is the report that you need.

Casualty Loss:
      Written properly for tax credits from significant uncovered jewelry loss.

Insurance Casualty:
      Appraisals that asses loss or damage for insurance claim purposes.

Equitable Distribution:
      For fair market values to assist you in dividing up property.

Charitable Contribution:
      For property that you will be donating for a tax credit.

Marketable Value:
      For people looking to sell property and need to know what it will bring in different markets and market levels.

      Properly executed to limit exposure to tax penalties.

      Jewelry appraisals to assist you in using the items for funding.

Litigation Appraisals:
      All types performed (e.g. larceny, conversion, fraud).

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