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Industry Quotes

"Charles M. Ellias GG ISA CAPP of North American Lapidary Laboratory, is staking his claim to a place in the history of quality grading reports: He's the first person to design and issue a gem report for gem carvings and other works of gem art."

Gary Roskin GG FGA, Senior Editor JCK Magazine, October 2002

"We have found that the Laboratory Grading Reports issued by North American Lapidary Laboratory are the most complete, informative, and professional in the gemstone and jewelry industries. Charles Ellias has an extensive knowledge and appreciation for the unique qualities of colored gemstones. Quality of cutting (including carved as well as faceted gems), color tone and saturation, internal inclusions, enhancement disclosures, and the origin of materials are documented in detail on each report. They are an excellent format for informing customers in their gemstone purchases."

Larry Woods, Cutting Edge Award Winning American Gem Artist

"These (lab reports) are fabulous, and from a craftsman's point of view, they are most helpful."

Penny Heil, Cachet Fine Jewelry, McCloud, California

"At Astrein's Creative Jewelers, all of our colored gemstone, gem art, and pearls come with North American Lapidary Laboratory's Grading Reports for the benefit of our customers. The reports take the mystery and unknown factors out of the equation in purchasing colored gemstones and pearls. The reports not only help us comply to the letter of the FTC enhancement disclosure guidelines but also to the spirit of them as well."

Richard Astrein, President, Astrein's Creative Jewelers, Birmingham, Michigan

"Charles Ellias has made over-kill into an industry standard."

Bill Hoefer, Hoefers' Gemological Services, Tampa, Florida

"We have a retail jewellery store in Strathroy Ontario and have been selling lapidary art for three years. The lab reports from North American Lapidary Laboratory have become in important part of our selling process as well as our staff training process. The reports add to the client's level of confidence in us as well as the lapidary artist. The professional presentation and the attention to detail in the report helps to add to the value and beauty of the gem they are purchasing. We equate the reports to an authentication report on a master painting. It gives the documented origin of the work and the maker. This documentation is an important factor in substantiating its value in the future."

James G. Poag, GG ISA CAPP S-CAPP AA, James O. Poag Jewellers Ltd, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

"As a gem artist I enjoy seeing the surprise and pleasure on my customers' faces when I present them with the Colored Stone & Gem Sculpture Grading reports on my sculptured gems. North American Lapidary Laboratory grading reports provide a wealth of information about each specific gemstone, and also certify that the gem is an authentic Gemscapes® carving. This is as important to me as it is to the customer: they know they have purchased a high quality sculptured gem, and I know their investment is protected by the documentation I have provided."

Sherris Cottier Shank, Cutting Edge Award Winning American Gem Artist

"As an innovative gem sculptor for the past twenty years it is wonderful to finally have North American Lapidary Laboratory as my authority to document my sculptures and the gemstones in which they are created. Charles Ellias has a deep understanding of gem materials that makes each grading report an exciting flood of information with details of inclusions and surface nuances that even I as the sculptor had been previously unaware. I am planning to have every carving I create go through his rigorous grading to ensure that the true value of each carving is documented. Thanks for this wonderful service."

Howard Friedler, American Gem Artist, creator of "Hollowgraphic" Fantasy Gems

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