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History & Mission Statement

Charles M. Ellias GG, Charles M. Ellias GG, founded North American Lapidary Laboratory in January of 2002 to provide gem artists, lapidaries, gem dealers, jewelers, appraisers, insurers, the courts, and consumers an accurate, in depth, easy to understand, third party analysis of gems and gem art at a reasonable cost. The Laboratory issues gem identification reports, grading reports on diamonds, pearls, and standard faceted colored gemstones, and gem art. Mr. Ellias has a passion for all colored gems, but especially for lapidary art and gem sculpture, and this was the inspiration for the laboratory's name.

Mr. Ellias has over 25 years of varied experience within the jewelry industry. Mr. Ellias has worked as a basic lapidary, bench jeweler, jewelry designer, gemologist, certified appraiser, appraisal instructor, and trainer in sales, gemological, and appraisal issues. Because there had never been a colored gemstone grading report that he found satisfactory, in 1997 he began the daunting task of designing and creating his own report to be used in conjunction with his appraisal and consultation services. After three years of extensive work, he was finally satisfied that the report met his demand for detailed, quality analysis.

North American Lapidary Laboratory offers consultation, appraisal, expert witness, lecture, and educational services and is available to provide guidance to anyone issuing appraisals on Gem Art.

Through North American Lapidary Laboratory Mr. Ellias intends to help educate the trade and public alike about the beauty of what mother earth has to offer, and to help raise awareness of gem artists who he believes are the most talented visionaries that the world has ever seen!

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